see its like, i wrote a paragraph assuming stuff about her as a lesbian. half felt forced, but half felt kinda real

it wasnt a big deal, but boy it made go like, “wtf” when she said she lead me on. she must have thought i actually cared about her too much and it bothers me to see that kind of narcissism as it is something i do all the time 

i dont know, i would have loved to meet her

but then i cant imagine anything farther than a night as i do with most people so yeah ok

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her: sorry for leading you on

me: what the hell no you didnt i was in control here

*writes about it on tumblr justifying myself*

i think i was, right

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as much as i appreciate having 185 followers, i contemplated ignoring all of you since i cant transfer all 7,313 posts to a new tumblr

i check out who followed me but i quickly leave

usually to have a quick glance of who might actually be reading

then i just dont care

a person worth truly of my attention might have to be

nobody at the moment to be honest

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anyway its worth a shot, and if all else fails, at least i’d still be able to do what i love

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what do i think i’m special for again?

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and while i still have that little sexual tidbit going on

…… yeah, i feel like removing it.

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although sometimes i fantasize about it, i dont think id really want to post provocative pictures on okcupid just cos it seems kinda tacky to think that 

1) you’re obviously doing it for attention

2) whats the point of leading people on anyway

3) why do you want to put yourself in a position where you might meet up with a hottie and expect too much out of them cos they saw you in a sexual way first

4) people won’t take you seriously, they’ll think you treat everyone like you treat them

i’m giving up this attention whore thing, so thats why i’m saying it like this. i don’t care to have a body for many people to see, i just want to be able to have selected individuals find me special

i really dont want to be an attention whore anymore

yeah….. just focus on me and remember to not get into too much trouble

i guess you did a good thing cutting people out who don’t mean much to you anymore

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it might take forever to find the one who is equally as attractive as me and we both feel the click in our heads

guess i have to throw in personality too

not just something one sided

but yeah its ok if i dont b/c i have other things to think about

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i’m going to delete all the porn 

okay except maybe one

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anyway i can’t tell if it was the weed but all i could think about was writing to the point where it made my brain rush and my body tremble

i need to plan my shit accordingly 

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"i love myself too much to settle and lifes too short to not strive for bigger and better things"

do you think thats how big corporate guys feel

always wanting more

probably wanting to rule the world

i’m glad i don’t want the world

but i feel like my thoughts are starting to correlate to them a bit

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maybe i’ll write some smut one of these days

the ultimate reflection of myself in case you never ever get a chance to sleep with me cos i don’t find you attractive or want to lead you on

anyway i’m not really going to do that but it was fun to think about for a hot minute 

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but i used to be so in love with a person

and now it has deteriorated

so yeah i’m pretty sure that i’m meant to fall in love for a moment and walk away

i love myself too much to settle

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i only fall in love with beautiful things

all the rest is just a sense of accomplishment and pleasure because i played my cards right

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